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Bicycles are, in both mechanical and biological terms, the most efficient means of         human transportation ever created.  It is this efficiency that enables us to use them to take us places, on adventures of our own power and will.  

Service  is who we are 

In order to realize this efficiency bicycles need their component systems to operate in harmony with each other, and we take pride in   understanding these systems.  From electronic shifting to internal       hubs, hydraulic braking to cantilevers, from tubeless tires to                 tubulars, we understand the design and function of all bicycle               systems and will work with you to make your bike work the way             you want it to.  We guarantee and stand behind our work, so                     you can have confidence that it will be done right the first                          time, every time.   

We wholly believe that bicycles make the world a better   place and that all riders, all bikes, and all questions       should be welcomed and treated with respect regardless of their needs.  Our clientele ranges from World Tour professionals to first time riders and we approach everyone with the intention of giving them a good experience.  Thats how we have built our reputation and culture.  This is where we see our future.         

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