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Here at the Brave, we hand build wheels.  Lots of wheels.  Brave actually started in a Fort Collins garage in 1983 as a wheel building operation and has been the go to shop for custom, hand built wheels in northern Colorado ever since.  

We take pride in our process, and we understand that building a good wheel is more than lacing and truing.  Understanding a customers needs by listening to them, then taking that information and creating solutions to those needs is the backbone of our process.  Understanding materials, lacing patterns, and the physics of a spoked bicycle wheel, followed by decades of wheel building experience result in wheels that will do what they are intended

to do.  Ride better, for longer, guaranteed.  

We are so confident in the wheels we build, we will true them, free of charge, for 1 year as long as the components were purchased

                                                             through us.  

Wheels built to a higher standard

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